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Welcome! Join me in the all-new Sparkle Society.

Ready to make 6 (or 12) fabulous quilts all while honing your existing skills or learning new techniques?

Sparkle Society focuses on some lovely Andover Fabrics collections.

For anyone who loves traditional prints, the Sparkle Society-Gems version features prints from Andover Fabrics' Little Gems & Latte collections.

For those who love bright, vibrant color, the Sparkle Society-Glazed version features Glaze fabrics by Libs Elliott.

I'll be sharing more details about the quilts, the club & how to participate in my newsletters. 

If you're a quilt shop owner, please sign up for the shop newsletter below.

If you are a quilter looking for more information or looking for a local or online Sparkle Society shop sign up for my quilter newsletter further down the page.

Sparkle Society-Gems
6 skill-building projects


Sparkle Society-Glazed
6 skill-building projects


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