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Fees listed below are valid for all lectures/workshops booked in 2023.

Presentation/Trunk Show (60-90 minute lecture plus Q&A) $495

Full Day Workshop (6 hours plus lunch break) $825

Half Day Workshop (3 hours) $495

I can accommodate up to 22 students per workshop. Lecture/Trunk Shows can accommodate an unlimited audience.

Travel/Accommodations: My travel expenses must also be reimbursed and will be negotiated in the contract. I will book my own travel arrangements. In general, travel expenses include mileage reimbursement per IRS guidelines (currently 65.5 cents per mile) for driveable events, reasonable airfare for longer-distance events, a daily meal allowance (currently $74 per day per IRS guidelines) and hotel accommodations.




·       Contract will specify dates and fees for the event, including travel.


·       $100 non-refundable deposit due within 30 days of the signed contract;  applied toward the balance of the lecture and/or workshop(s).


·       Balance of fees are due the day of the lecture and/or workshop(s).


·       Bookings that require more than 75 miles of travel or involve an evening event beginning at 6  pm or later must cover the cost of overnight accommodations.


·       I will have my patterns and products available for purchase during the event; be sure to schedule a venue that allows selling.


o   For quilt shops booking my programs, I will wholesale product to the shop.